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The Hidden Cause of Your Neck And Shoulder Pain

Updated: Jul 22, 2023


I see many people for aches and pains that have not been helped with traditional medical intervention. The most frequent area of pain I see is right side neck and/or shoulder pain. A typical cause of the pain is gallbladder and liver dysfunction.

This time of year more people come in with this type of pain. It is the New Year and many people are switching to healthy snacks and eating clean to lose weight and get healthy. Many times nuts become one of the healthy snacks. These added nuts can cause  right side neck and/or shoulder pain. WHY?

You may be experiencing an intolerance to the increased fats in your diet coming from nuts. If you consume too many nuts or seeds, it is very aggravating to the gallbladder and bile duct. The gallbladder releases bile to breakdown fats. By consuming high amounts of nuts and seeds, which are high in fats,  you overwork and stress out the gallbladder. This results in either pain over the gallbladder area or referred pain in the neck and shoulder on the right side. You could also experience headaches on the right side of your head.  Even after surgical removal of your gallbladder the pain can persist.

Taking out nuts and good fats is not the long term answer. The nuts only shined a light on a problem that already existed…Gallbladder congestion.

How does gallbladder and liver dysfunction relate to neck and shoulder pain? This pain is caused by the a nerve that is located near the liver and gallbladder and ‘connects’ to the right shoulder.

The pressure from  inflammation on the nerve(s) cause the pain in the shoulder.  If the liver , pancreas, or gallbladder are inflamed then pressure could be on these nerves. To stop the inflammation, eliminate the foods that increase inflammation and stress the gallbladder. (A guide to these foods can be found here.)

90% of the people who come in to see me with right shoulder and/or neck pain, the pain has to do with liver or gallbladder dysfunction. Fix the dysfunction and the pain goes away.

How to you fix the problem?

The first step is to restore the liver and or gallbladder to optimal function. This is accomplished a variety of ways depending on the person and the cause of the dysfunction.

Don’t continue to suffer with the pain or take medications to mask it. Fix the cause!

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