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Low Level Laser Therapy

How Low-Level Lasers can be Used for Pain Relief

Cold lasers can stimulate all types of cells, including muscle, ligaments, nerves and cartilage. This stimulation of light energy works similar to photosynthesis in plants, as it is absorbed and interacts with light-sensitive components in the body’s cells. The treatment promotes the body’s natural healing — which may have been impeded through the tissue damage — by stimulating mitochondria and encouraging the cells to produce more ATP.


As a non-invasive procedure, LLLT can be performed at an outpatient clinic, providing a distinct advantage over traditional laser surgery. There is no recovery time and no side effects, which makes LLLT an attractive treatment option for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Low Back Pain

  • Neck and Shoulder pain

  • Onychomycosis

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Post-Operation Wound Healing


The AURA PTL II utilizes the healing power of light in a rather unique way. Our wellness therapies combine the benefits of acupuncture, information induction, modulated frequencies with low level light therapy to support our bodies’  innate ability to heal itself. The AURA PTL II and LLLT increases circulation, reduces inflammation, and stimulates cellular growth and repair. The net result is alleviation of some of our most confounding illnesses and maladies.  The net result for patients is relief. 

What Happens During Cold Laser Therapy? How does cold laser therapy work?

A health care professional uses a handheld device to apply low-level light to the problem area. Patients will feel the device against their skin, but it doesn't cause a cold sensation or trigger any pain. As the targeted tissue absorbs the light energy, the red and near infrared light sets off biological reactions that promote healing. While multiple treatment sessions may be required to generate an effective reaction, each treatment session typically takes a few minutes.

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Help?  How does cold laser therapy work to benefit the body?

This treatment provides all of the following advantages:

  • Accelerates wound healing. The energy from the cold laser speeds cellular growth and reproduction and prompts the development of fibroblasts, cells that play a vital role in wound healing. The result is a faster recovery from injury.

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation. Swelling and inflammation may be part of the body's natural response to an injury, but they often contribute to the patient's discomfort and limit their ability to move the damaged area. With less inflammation and swelling, patients see a decrease in bruising and discomfort and an increase in mobility.

  • Decreases scar tissue. Cold laser therapy reduces the formation of fibrous tissue during the recovery process, so less scar tissue forms as surgical incisions, cuts, scratches, and burns heal.

  • Improves vascular activity. Treatment with laser energy encourages blood and lymph circulation, flooding the affected tissue with the raw materials the body needs to perform repairs on its tissues.

  • Enhances metabolic activity. The laser's energy spurs increased oxygen delivery to the targeted area, prompts a more effective immune response, and fuels a greater output of specific enzymes. This additional activity contributes to speedier healing.

  • Stimulates nerve function. When nerve function in damaged tissue lags, the result is numbness or loss of function. The light energy emitted by the cold laser supports the recovery and reconnection of nerve cells, speeding the restoration of feeling and control to the site of the injury.

  • Reduces pain. Cold laser therapy fights pain in multiple ways. For starters, it supports faster healing, and a shorter recovery time means less time spent being uncomfortable. More directly, this therapy is effective in decreasing inflammation, swelling, scar tissue, and nerve dysfunction. Since these are all factors that can cause discomfort, reducing their impact means the patient experiences less pain.


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