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Welcome to Balanced Body Wellness Centre  

We specialize in providing natural alternatives for common conditions that 
have not responded to conventional care.

Do you have thyroid symptoms but the blood tests are normal? Having 
menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, problems with 
concentration and the medications you are on don't help?  Are you frustrated?

Most of our patients have searched for answers to their symptoms or illnesses 
and have turned to alternative medicine because they didn't get results with 
traditional medicine. Through our natural, holistic techniques such as 
Autonomic Response Testing we are able to determine the CAUSE of your 
symptoms and determine the correct needs to allow your body to restore, 
regenerate and heal itself.

Balanced Body Wellness Centre specializes in a variety of conditions using 
holistic wellness techniques for chronic low back pain, PMS, Thyroid
conditions, headaches, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, weight loss,
and many more...

Our emphasis is to “Find the cause instead of just treating the symptoms.”  We 
emphasize that health is a balance of physical, chemical, and 
mental/emotional health.  When out of balance in any of the categories, the 
individual will experience symptoms such as: headaches, mental and 
physical fatigue, being over weight, high or low blood pressure, pain and 
much more.  All of these conditions limit the quality of life for many.

When a person is in balance he/she will experience the following symptoms of 
being healthy: consistent energy, ideal weight, vitality, proper digestion, 
positive attitude, strong immune system and being pain free!

Our philosophy is based on holistic health-care,  which treats the body as a 
whole. All of our patients are unique and are treated as such. No two people 
are on the same plan. We truly individualize each case to get the best and 
fastest results possible.

Some of our techniques are individualized nutrition testing, hair analysis, 
hormone saliva testing, dietary changes and detoxification.

Read About the Results That Some of Our Patients Have Had
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