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Can The Shape of Your Earlobe Predict Heart Disease?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023


An article published in the 1996 American Journal Of Medicine stated that ear lobe creases were shown to be associated with higher rates of cardiac events in this study of 264 consecutive patients. (Am J Med 1996 02/01;100:0205) The presence of a diagonal ear lobe crease has been recognized as a sign of cardiovascular disease since 1973. Dr. Elliott’s study demonstrated that 19 out of 20 people with risk factors for coronary artery disease also had diagonally creased earlobes.

It is believed that the earlobe crease develops when the peripheral blood flow decreases due stresses on the cardiovascular system.

Although the literature on earlobe creases and heart disease was quite revealing, I must emphasize that an individual should be knowledgeable of all the risk factors that may contribute or be linked to heart disease.

Your blood offers many clues about your heart health. Include C-reactive protein (CRP), Fibrinogen, and Homocysteine as part of your screening for heart health. The Functional Medicine approach recommends a Cardiovascular Health Profile and/or Cardio ION panel.

To explain these Functional Medicine tests, watch the video below from guest speaker Dr. Patrick Krupka, a fellow Functional Medicine Practitioner based in Texas.

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