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The Most Common New Year’s Resolution: Weight Loss

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Weight Loss Foods

It is the new year and with it brings the hope of a healthier, thinner you. There are many diets and exercises to help you on your path. If, however, you are feeling overwhelmed by all the changes and choices, here are a few things you can do.

The first step is to get your fat burning organ (liver) back in shape.  A detox is the best way. It is like cleaning the carburetor on your car- the liver keeps your vehicle (body) running smoothly.

For an idea of how toxic you are, take our detox questionnaire.  What does being toxic have to do with weight loss? If your motor is full of crud, how do you expect it to run and burn fuel (fat) efficiently? A 28 day detox gets the crud out and starts your weight loss. Call our office at 770-425-6068 to find out more.

If the thought of committing to a 28 day detox is too daughting, you can take small steps weekly.  A good resource to start with is Dr.Mercola’s Nutrition Plan. Basically Dr. Mercola breaks it down into manageable steps for the beginner:

Step 1: Eliminate All Gluten, and Highly Allergenic Foods From Your Diet. Eliminating refined grains (cookies, cakes, white flour and white sugar)

Step 2: At least one third of your food should be uncooked.  (yummy raw food recipes: and

Step 3: Eat more vegetables.

Step 4 : Keep your vegetables fresh.

Step 5: Limiting sugar is critical. (Just eliminating sodas from your diet will result in a weight loss.)

Step 6: Avoid Artificial Sweeteners.

Step 7: Avoid hypoglycemia. Eat low glycemic!

Step 8: Learn to distinguish physical food cravings from emotional food cravings.

A great site for good, clean, organic foods is We also have a list of  wonderful blogs with great recipes(see links tab at top of page) and on our pinterest page.

Lastly, by adding a few simple exercises a week,  you will be a stronger healthier you in no time. You don’t need to join a pricey gym. Just get out and walk 30 minutes a day, buy a few dumbbells for weight bearing exercises (this prevents osteoporosis ladies) and buy a yoga DVD for flexibility. It doesn’t need to be complicated. A good site for simple dumbbell exercises that you can do at home with little other equipment is: . You can also find many types of workouts on Youtube for free.

Yoga not only stretches you out, but improves posture, flexibility, and gives you a long, lean look. There are many dvds out there- your library may have some you can try to see which type of yoga you like best.

A couple of yoga videos we like are: The Biggest Loser Yoga with Bob Harper  and Yoga by Sara Ivanhoe. You can also watch a variety of sample yoga videos on Youtube.

Another great resource for exercise videos is  Exercisetv.  Here you can watch many exercise videos for free! Exercise sites that I personally love are P90X, Crossfit WOD, Daily HIIT, TaeBo and The Betty Rocker.

Hope this helps you start your new year and new you!!

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