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Full Functional Medicine Visit

Appointment $499 (2 hours)

Not sure where to start but ready to get your health back on track?  Sometimes symptoms can be challenging to sort out.  A full Functional Medicine visit gives you two hours with our provider to discuss your symptoms. The focus of the functional medicine model is to uncover and address the underlying causes of common chronic conditions — hormone imbalance, weight gain, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, chronic inflammation and digestive issues, to name a few.


Functional medicine offers the potential to help you experience unprecedented levels of health and wellbeing, as well as financial savings, freeing you from your dependence on costly medications that are not designed to address the root causes of your symptoms.

If you have questions about how a Functional Medicine visit can help you, take advantage of our Free Discovery call to speak with Elevate Functional Medicine directly at or Phone: 470-266-1380 

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