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Foggy Lake

Amy Krueger

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Amy Krueger

Lead Patient Coordinator, Lead Therapy Specialist, Office Manager

Amy has worked alongside Dr. Firnbach for years to help create a place of healing. During the last 8 years  she has worn many hats; she has served as a Front Desk Receptionist, New Patient Coordinator,  Patient Coordinator, Therapy Technician as well as the Office Manager.  She is your go to for all things at BBWC. 


During her time at BBWC and working closely with Dr. Firnbach, Amy has received extensive training in Clinical Nutrition, Zyto/EAV Scanning, ART Evaluations, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, NAET/BRT Clearings, and Cold Laser Therapy.

She helps patients with autoimmune disorders and other chronic illnesses implement their treatment plans with alternative therapies and nutritional education. Her caring attitude continues for each person as they go through their protocols and begin recovery. She is a smiling face to everyone who comes in to the office and she keeps Dr. Firnbach in line and on schedule. 


Amy is an excellent resource for those with questions regarding what to expect at their office visits, individual health programs or about BBWC’s many services.  

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