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Adrenal Stress/Cortosal Saliva Profile

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Do you have symptoms of adrenal imbalance?  Common symptoms can include: sleep disturbance, aches and pains, chronic health problems, irritability, weight gain, anxiety and poor concentration.  The difference between stress we can handle, and stress that gets out of hand – stress vs. distress – marks the difference between adrenal balance and imbalance.

The adrenal glands, otherwise known as the “stress glands” enable your body to cope with stress and survive.  Adrenals out of balance are overworked and unable to produce enough essential hormone to keep us running on all cylinders. When a person is under constant physical or emotional stress, the adrenal glands are taxed to release elevated amounts of cortisol, the master stress hormone. But over time, if stress levels remain high, adrenal output is diminished. When that happens, cortisol levels plummet, along with our energy. We start to run out of steam, sleep fitfully, get sick and pack on pounds through the middle. These are the hallmark signs of adrenal fatigue.

A key to bringing the body back to balance is identifying your current adrenal function throughout the day.  This package provides you with a test kit to obtain your cortisol levels six times a day and tests your DHEAs. You will then visit with our Functional Medicine provider to review your labs and discuss strategies for bringing your body back to balance. 


What to expect during your visit:

Adrenal fatigue is complex and the root cause varies from person to person.  Addressing the underlying cause of adrenal fatigue in combination with balancing hormones on a daily basis requires an integrative approach.  During  your visit with our provider, she will discuss your lab results in depth and suggest helpful supplements, lifestyle changes, specific complementary or alternative interventions and follow up that will benefit your personal situation. 


Important note about doing your lab test at home:

Saliva testing is very sensitive.  If you are using a steroid cream, steroid nasal spray or taking steroid medication, this will affect your lab results.  Stop your hormone cream or nasal spray for 7 days prior and wash all your towel/linens the day before submitting your test.  If you are taking a steroid medication, please call ZRT labs for specific directions at ​​866.600.1636.

Adrenal Stress / Cortisol Awakening Testing Instructions  

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