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Healing Light: Low-Level Laser Therapy for Pain, ADHD/ADDCognitive Deficit, Head Injuries and Stroke

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Balanced Body Wellness Centre is proud to offer low-level laser light therapy (LLLT), a treatment on the cutting edge of brain and body science. LLLT, sometimes also called “photobiomodulation therapy,” uses concentrated, “cold” lasers to provide the same kind of energy to your body’s tissues that the sun does to the earth, only without the heat and radiation that may cause harm. Can LLLT help you? Read on to learn more.

How Does LLLT Work?

LLLT works by applying red and near infra-red light to injuries. During a visit, technicians will use special laser equipment to pass concentrated, high-energy beams of light through your skin using diodes; or laser light generators. These diodes can be placed easily on nearly any part of your body and are adjustable for the patient’s particular health needs.

When the diodes are activated, they emit lasers, sending photons, or light particles into your body in the form of low-level lasers. These light particles are then absorbed by the light receptors in your body’s cells, triggering chemical alterations to your tissues in a process similar to photosynthesis. These alterations can produce biochemical, physical, and neurological benefits all throughout your brain and body.

How Can LLLT Help Patients?

There is clear and ample evidence for the effectiveness of LLLT in the treatment of a wide range of issues. LLLT has a long history and strong science evidence, and is well tolerated by a wide range of patients, including the elderly. Additionally, the treatments have very few side effects. LLLT has been shown, overall to:

  • Improve wound healing

  • Improve soft tissue healing

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Improve acute pain

  • Improve chronic pain

  • Improve circulation and blood flow

  • Improve memory, learning and mood

  • Improve metabolic activity and energy production

There are a great many conditions that may be helped by LLLT. These are often related to injury, inflammation and pain.

What Conditions Can Be Treated with LLLT?

Here at Balanced Body Wellness Centre, we consult with patients every day about using LLLT to help them improve their lives, heal from injury and get relief from pain through the use of low-level laser light therapy. There are many different specific injuries and conditions that can be treated with LLLT, here are a few examples:

Brain injuries and concussion- Victims of traffic accidents, sports injuries or slips and falls may all have suffered the effects of traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries can significantly affect patient’s daily lives and ability to work. LLLT has been shown in studies to stimulate the healing and repair of damaged brain tissue while also reducing pain, swelling and inflammation of brain tissues and surrounding neck and head tissues. LLLT can help patients recover more quickly and more successfully after a brain injury or concussion.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease- Very recent research has shown the amazing promise of LLLT in helping those who are suffering from mental declines from dementia and diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Since LLLT both reduces inflammation and improves oxygenation and blood flow, there is the potential for significant improvement in brain function with treatment. Studies have demonstrated real improvement in cognition, sleep and function with a reduction in anxiety, angry outbursts and wandering in patients with mild and moderate dementia who underwent LLLT.

Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain- Back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, knee pain. All are signs of aging, over use or a life spent playing sports and remaining active. All, however, can result in a cycle of chronic pain that can lead to dependence on over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs, or worse, opiate medications. LLLT is well-accepted, safe, and proven alternative treatment for chronic musculoskeletal pain that has few to no side effects and can significantly improve the quality of life of someone who has been suffering for years.

These are just some examples of the types of specific conditions that may be treated by LLLT. If you are suffering from any of the general complaints listed above, and would like to more about LLLT and how it might help you, we urge you to call and make an appointment for a consultation with us at Balanced Body Wellness Centre to see how this exciting technology can help you get on the road to feeling better!

We encourage you to make an appointment for a consult here at Balanced Body Wellness Centre to discuss your health concerns!

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