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Functional Medicine Foundation: The Four Pillars of Health

What does health mean to you?

Within personalized medicine, we believe four strong pillars are necessary to support health and happiness: movement, nutrition, stress management, and community. Building each pillar looks a little different for everyone.


What types of activity do you do on a daily basis? Are you working on cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility? How is your posture?

Moving your muscles produces endorphins and a chemical that helps the _brain deal with stress Tip: Walking, aerobic exercises, weight training, and yoga or Pilates are all good activities to consider when starting a fitness plan. Find opportunities to add movement to your day.


Are you eating mostly unprocessed foods found in nature? How is your relationship with food? Is your caloric intake appropriate for the amount of energy you are expending?

Tip: Eating a healthy diet of fresh, unprocessed vegetables, fruit and meat promotes bacteria in the gut that helps "feel good" signals get through to the brain.


What do you for self-care? How is the quality of your sleep? How well do you manage stress? Do you have a mindfulness or meditation practice? Do you bounce back from adversity?

A good night's sleep helps lower stress, improve concentration and boost emotional stamina. Tip: Put away electronic devices an hour before bedtime. The light can confuse your internal clock.

Relaxation/Stress Management

Do you spend time being present with family and friends? How do you connect with yourself? How often do you get outside and connect with nature?

Mentally unwinding can reduce stress and anxiety as well as increase energy and focus Tip: Deep breathing, visualization and meditation are all effective relaxation techniques.

At Balanced Body Wellness Centre, we want to see you thriving in all four pillars. If you are struggling to build a healthy lifestyle, we would love to help! Check out our Personalized Functional Medicine services.

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