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Hello Self Care Sunday – The Best Day of The Week!

When you wake up on a Sunday morning it’s nice to look forward to dedicating part of the day to winding down, enjoying time with family and getting a little rest and relaxation.

So, why not add in some additional time for self care on a Sunday? Even better!

Why is Self Care Important?

It’s called balance! We all want it, need it and honestly, aren’t getting enough of it. This is where self care comes in to your life.

Here are a Few Main Benefits of Self Care:

  • Better work-life balance

  • Having a healthy lifestyle

  • Reducing your stress levels

  • Improve physical health

  • Regular support for your mental and emotional health**

  • Create an intentional life

**Self care is even more important for people who are giving to others most of the time.**

Without self care we begin to burn out, become stressed and our mental health can be affected. Self care is essential in creating the life we want and love.

How to Create Your Own Self Care Sunday Routine

If you’re lucky you can dedicate a whole day to self care, but here are a few more realistic ways you can allocate time for self care:

  • Quick self care activity (15 minutes or less)

  • Take a mini self care break (30 minutes to an hour)

  • Allocate a chunk of the morning to self care (2 – 3 hours)

  • Full morning or afternoon of self care (3 – 5 hours)

To Do:

  • Create some free time and then schedule a period of time you can commit to from the choices above – literally add self care to your to-do list this week.

  • Block out your calendar for this Sunday and try some of these ideas below…

Quick Self Care Activities (15 minutes or less)

  1. Make a cup of tea or any hot, cozy drink you love

  2. Go for a stroll around the block and practice mindful walking

  3. Diffuse relaxing essential oils

  4. Make yourself a healthy smoothie

  5. Read a chapter of a good book or a short story

  6. Pull out a colouring book for adults

  7. Write in a gratitude journal (<- I created this one!)

  8. Lie down and cuddle (your pet, your pillow, your blanket)

  9. Meditate – try the Calm app to help you with guided meditation if you’re new to this mindfulness practice

  10. Listen to some feel good music and have a dance session in your kitchen-my favorite:)

  11. Use a foot massager

  12. Write a love letter to yourself and mail it. I really mean this 🙂 When the letter arrives you will have forgotten what you wrote and love how it makes you feel!

  13. Do some gardening – just getting your hands in the dirt is groundingand feels great

  14. Watch a funny video – laughter really is the best medicine

  15. Eat a healthy snack

  16. Lift some weights – perfect to do while the kettle is boiling or when watching TV

Take a Mini Self Care Break (30 minutes to an hour)

  1. Have a relaxing bath with all the goodies – candles, essential oils, relaxing music

  2. Take a nap with the coziest blanket you own

  3. Get a manicure

  4. Take your dog for a walk

  5. Bake something you love

  6. Go for a walk at a nearby park to get some fresh air

  7. Look at old photos

  8. Get a professional massage

  9. Listen to a podcast that inspires you

  10. Go for a run or workout

  11. Listen to a chapter of an audiobook

  12. Make a yummy comfort dish and enjoy

  13. Call an old friend

  14. Write a personal goals list

  15. Buy yourself some flowers

  16. Unfollow people on social media – those accounts that don’t make you feel good

Allocate Most of the Morning or Sunday Afternoon to Self Care (2 – 3 hours)

  1. Brunch with a close friend

  2. Go on a long walk or get out into nature for a hike

  3. Create your own spa retreat (shower with essential oils, face mask, do your nails, relax with green tea, have a nap)

  4. Go to the movies – and even better see something that YOU love (not what others want)

  5. Go on a date with yourself

  6. If you’re a music lover create a nostalgic Spotify playlist or two

  7. Take a Sunday class (something you’ve always wanted to do, but never made time for) – Indian cooking, belly dancing, calligraphy, painting, yoga – the list goes on!

  8. Go fruit picking (whatever is in season)

  9. Do a little Netflix binge

  10. Work on a meaningful project – photo album, scrapbook, writing

  11. Start a new hobby – or pick up a hobby you’ve put on the back burner

  12. Get a haircut at the salon

  13. Declutter a room – you’ll feel so accomplished after (and less stressed)

  14. Redecorate a room

Full Morning or Afternoon of Self Care (3 – 5 hours)

  1. Visit a local farmer’s market and treat yourself to some new foods

  2. Get a spa treatment followed by a healthy lunch

  3. Go on a picnic

  4. Relax at the beach – this is even one of my favourites when the weather is colder

  5. Have friends over for brunch – do a potluck to make it easy

  6. Go to an art gallery or museum

  7. Attend a book club with friends – if you’re not part of a book club, start one!

  8. Be a tourist in your own city

  9. Spend the day with family creating memories

  10. Meal prep your favourite dishes for the week ahead – listen to some great music or an audiobook while cooking

  11. Veg out – yep, just turn your mind off and chill

  12. Have a NO social media afternoon – better yet hide your phone too!

  13. Work outside if you’re able

  14. Create some personal goals and get started on one

Self-Care Ideas for Sunday Evening

  1. Have a nice dinner with family or friends

  2. Put fresh sheets on the bed – you’ll sleep better

  3. Go to bed early to make sure you get enough sleep

  4. Try a little light exercise to help you unwind – an evening walk is a perfect way to wind down

  5. Try journaling before bedtime – you can try some journal prompts or start with making a list of the simple things in life that bring you joy

  6. Say no to screens at least 30 minutes before bed – phone/tv/ipad

  7. Make a soothing cup of camomile tea

  8. Light a candle for that hygge feeling

  9. Write a ‘went well list’ – of all the things that went well today

  10. Give yourself an at-home facial – wash, face mask, exfoliate, lotion, etc

  11. Write some positive affirmations for the next day

  12. Learn about some 30-day challenges and choose one to start tomorrow

  13. Plan your self-care for the upcoming week & put it on your calendar

  14. Stretch before you get to bed

My Ideal Self Care Sunday Routine

The perfect self care Sunday for myself is to make sure I get some quality time outside – ideally in the forest if possible. Being inside all day at work, I really feel the need to be outside. Being in nature with no phones or computers helps me recharge. I take pictures, pray, listen to the birds and sit and contemplate on the beauty of our world. I especially love when my walk includes a body of water such as a river or creek. The sounds of the water and the quiet of the forest is nirvana to me. It is the time I am fully present in the moment and not thinking of all the thing I need to get done or the past of all the things I didn't get done. Just me, the trees and the birds exist in this moment.

If Sunday is too busy, choose Saturday or find a day during the week -just pick a day!

Self care can be achieved, but it has to be planned! Kids have sports all day? Have a friend or family member take over for a 30 minute break for you to take a breath and focus on your mental well being. Many moms have so much burnout, overwhelm, and/or anxiety because they are constantly on the go.

Start planning in your self care or it will never happen!

reposted by Yolanda at Put the kettle On.

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