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Chabelly Batista-De La Cruz


Chabelly Batista-De La Cruz

Licensed Acupuncturist-MS, LAc

Chabelly has been on the path of healer long before she knew she was on it. As a child, she remembers helping others feel better through touch— massaging the sore backs and achy feet of tired family members. It didn't occur to her then, that this was part of her calling. The pieces to the puzzle started to come together upon first experiencing acupuncture as a patient, 8 years ago.


Curiosity led her to continue pursuing acupuncture as a patient and also as a student. It was then that she began learning about the art and medicine that is acupuncture and its reach. She was led to study at Tri-state College of Acupuncture in NYC, where she trained for two-years and the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, OH, where she completed her Masters of Science in Acupuncture.


During her journey, she had the privilege to learn from generous masters of this medicine nationally as well as Beijing. Perhaps even more importantly, she’s learned from hundreds of human beings who freely shared their stories and trusted her with their bodies. She is of the mind that believes the body is one’s faithful companion, a carrier for one’s precious soul and spirit; thus, the body should be handled with care and respect.


Her approach to this healing art is deeply rooted by this belief. She’s here to support you as you journey towards wellness, encouraging release and nourishment where welcomed. 

Focus: life’s transitions including birth and grief, women’s health, hormonal health, digestive health, mental-emotional wellness.